Unexpected Bluefish attack on human: surgical implications and forensic bite analysis

Inaspettato attacco di un pesce azzurro a un essere umano: implicazioni chirurgiche e analisi forense delle caratteristiche del morso

Stefania Vanni, Andrea Leti Acciaro, Margherita Menozzi, Maria Concetta Gagliano, Roberto Adani

Master di II livello in Chirurgia dalla Mano e Microchirurgia; Unimore e S.C. di Chirurgia della Mano e Microchirurgia, AOU Policlinico di Modena

DOI 10.53239/2784-9651-2022-7

The authors described and discussed a case of a woman who suffered a Bluefish bite at the right thumb with a severe lesion of the tendons and sensitive nerve. Many newspapers reported schools of Bluefish attacking human, but no scientific reports were found in literature, because of the difficult in paternity of the bite. The authors focused on the epidemiological and clinical aspects of the injuries, as well as on the Bluefish biology, to gain a better understanding of the natural history of bites. 

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