Myoperycitoma at the finger: case-report and literary review

Miopericitoma del dito: caso clinico e revisione della letteratura

Margherita Menozzi, Andrea Leti Acciaro, Stefania Vanni, Roberto Adani

Master di II livello in Chirurgia della Mano e Microchirurgia, Unimore e S.C. di Chirurgia della Mano e Microchirurgia, AOU Policlinico of Modena

DOI 10.53239/2784-9651-2022-5

Purpose. A case of digital myopericytoma is described and a literary review is reported to document the clinical and histopathological findings of the tumor at the hand, enhancing its diagnosis and comprehension.

Materials and methods. Myopericytoma was diagnosed and surgically excised from the pulpar aspect of the right thumb in a 54-years old male, without recurrence and with complete functional recovery at the follow-up. Fifteen cases of digital myopericytoma were reported in 8 papers. 

Discussion. Myopericytoma may be overlooked on differential diagnosis and presents potential for mimicry and malignancy. Excisional biopsy with complete surgical resection was the treatment of choice. Definitive diagnosis was achieved due to histological examination. Recurrences were rarely described and malignancy was exceptional. The literary review of the management and outcomes of digital cases was presented. 

Conclusions. The peculiar histopathological and immunohistochemical examination is essential in diagnosis as well as comprehension of the neoplasm features in clinical examination.

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