Axillary mass in pediatric age: rare case of schwannoma of the median nerve

Massa ascellare in età pediatrica: raro caso di schwannoma del nervo mediano

Mattia Giardini 1, Roberta Sartore1 1, Nicola Zampieri 2, Giampietro Zanette 3, Umberto Lavagnolo 1, Massimo Corain 1

1 Hand Surgery and Microsurgery Unit, University Hospital of Verona; 2 Pediatric Surgery Unit, University Hospital of Verona; 3 Neurology Unit, P. Pederzoli Hospital

DOI 10.53239/2784-9651-2023-12

A 15-year-old male patient came to our attention for the appearance of a large mass in the right axilla for about 4 months. In the anamnesis, a first surgical stage of open exploration is reported, which disproved the suspicion of lymphadenopathy. Following preparatory investigations, a diagnosis of suspected schwannoma of the median nerve was attributed, confirmed operatively and by histological examination. The post-operative follow-up was uneventful.

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